About Us @Netflixmovie Limited

     Brand Name: NetflixMovie Limited

    Website: https://Netflixmovie.com.ng

    Corporate Address: Lekki, Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria.

    Email: Netflixmovielimited@gmail.com

    Phone: +2349048377425

    Launch date: August 20, 2023

    What we do:

    We are a top Sporty website industry that provide trending and quality videos around the world.

    Our Vision:

    To be a leading light in the media industry by ensuring timely and unique contents.

    Our major focus:

    • Keep posting Top local/International Trending videos & Trending Posts

    Our target audience:

    Upwardly mobile Nigerians and foreign Audience

    Sports enthusiast

    Advocates/civil societies

    Our main categories:

    Sports Videos

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